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Date: 2017-04-28
Location: Rialto Theatre
Address: 11 Dyke Road BN1 3FE - Brighton

Atoms Records Presents PLAYGROUND Party

Friday 28 April 2017 at Rialto Theatre Brighton

Progressive Trance / Psychedelic Trance

After a 13 year break from the Brighton party scene, promoting parties around the world, we are proud to announce our return!!

We proudly present debut performances from PULTEC Live act (Portugal) and Last Call Dj’s(Portugal).

We hope you guys enjoy this amazing lineup, See you on the dance floor, Namaste!!

Live act

PULTEC – From Portugal

Atoms Records


Last Call – From Portugal – First Uk Performance

( Blacklite Rec./ Global Army Music )

Clayton – Uk

(Fundamental Freqs/Maharetta Recs)

Neuro Orb – Portugal

( Kabbalah Records )

Refraktive ( Uk )

UV Dance Performance

Decor by Luartech and friends

⚌⚍⚎⚏LOG IN ⚌⚍⚎⚏

Login: 10 £ | Guest List 7 €

£ 7 for guestlist admission (closes midnight!)

£ 10 for general admission

Arrive early to avoid disappointment!!

Guest List : R.O.A.R. (Right Of Admission Reserved)

⚌⚍⚎⚏START ⚌⚍⚎⚏

11 pm – 05 am


We have 3 TICKETS to OFFER. They are sending at least 50 invitations to friends.

To compete you just send the invitations and publish your name and the number of invitations sent on facebook event page.

Only the participations will be accepted until the 27th of April, at 11p.m.

The winners will be announced on the 28th through the event’s mural.


You only have to post your first and last name on Facebook event page. You get a £ 3 Offset with your ID card presentation.

Have a good party. Remember We need LOVE to LIVE.


11 Dyke Road BN1 3FE Brighton

Sponsored by: Atoms Records, Kabbalah Records, Rialto, Cyberdog


Alexandra Urbano and Anaïs-Lin Chastres are two classical and jazz pianists that share the same passion of music and the same love for dancing. In 2012, they joined forces and LAST CALL was born.

Swinging you into the dance floor by blending cadenced rhythms and proggygroovysharpheartpumping sounds, they tell stories through their sets, travelling along complex harmonies and deep melodies, believing in taking you into a psychedelic bliss.

Last Call is based in Lisbon. They are artists of the labels Blacklite Records (Italy) and Global Army Music (Mexico). Some major events they have performed at are: Psychedelic Circus 2014 (Germany), Freedom Festival (Portugal), Cosmic Gate 2012 (Portugal), and Old School Gathering 2016 (India).

The duo is now focusing more than ever on their project, developing new ideas and aiming at spreading their passion for psy-progressive trance.


Dj since 1994 and Music Producer since 1998.

PULTEC it is presented by Alexander, born 1976 in Portugal. His musical approach has started early childhood, Alex was only twelve and already playing the guitar. With seventeen he had discovered the drums, with eighteen he was already playing drums in a rock band and doing many concerts in Portugal that were his first touch with the stages is true his musician family heavily influence his interest for playing instruments from guitars to drums, his uncle was playing sax and drums in the first rock band of Portugal early sixties.

Later than 1994, when he first listen to electronic music, going to acids techno raves in the Uk when his DJ career has begun playing acid techno with vinyl and finally, he get into the psychedelic sounds. At this moment, Goa trance has become his point of creation. In 1996 with the help of friends, he started to produce Goa parties in Portugal by his own Cosmic Spirit and working together with Good Mood and Boom Festival and others.

Finally, Alex abdicates the rock and is the band and he began his very first productions making his first Goa Psychedelic track in 1999 with artist name as Plexus. Developing a psychedelic Goa blast, PLEXUS play all over the world in countries such Portugal, Spain, Germany, Uk, Brazil, Amazonia…In Parties such Synergy, Goa Goblins, Kisense, Enzyme, Hippie Pot, Soudret Festival… With artists such Sexto Sento, Penta, James Monroe, CPU, Skazy, Orion, Melicia… 2004 play with Nuno Flores Violin and he went to England.

In 2004, Alex had a new project he had it in mind for a while a melodic progressive but still full on with uplift basses and Goa trance essence at this time a duo with Jana from Brazil. CREATRIX played worldwide with a great feedback from the Goa scene.

Sound Engineer, Music Producer, DJ and Drums Player. Over eleven years producing Techno & psychedelic trance music with various projects, Including psychedelic Goa PLEXUS, full on CREATRIX and Minimal Tech as ALEXANDER & GENIE and collaborations with other artists as well

Alex never stops innovating and creating new projects. His music passion drove him to create his Progressive Trance project PULTEC. The dance floor is sacred ground.

His feeling and need to create PULTEC comes from a long time back in the past when he was based in Berlin. PULTEC project first conception and productions and finally the long awaited moment to open his showcase giving the high class tech progressive, silk smooth melodies,hard bass lines with a great dose of psychedelic keeping the original classic base of progressive line.

#PULTEC it’s a brand new project presented by Alexander in 2012 and had a great feedback from the Psychedelic Progressive trance scene on n:31 Beatport Top 100 with the release track Ice Cream. PULTEC has played in England, Portugal, Germany, Japan, Hungary and so on…

♥ Remember We Need Love to Live ♥
☯☮٠ૐ PЄƛƇЄ ॐ LƠƔЄ ॐ UƝITẙ ॐ RЄSPЄƇT ૐ ☮ ☯

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23 March 2017

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