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COMING SOON – We Are Not Alone – Ep by PULTEC ( Exclusive Beatport: TBA )

We Are Not Alone Ep by PULTEC – AT1EPD016

Pultec’s music is about contrast. Textures emerges from the emotional power of his sound showcasing his amazing progressive psychedelic beats. First track Top Secret. Rocking hard on full filled bass, dreamy melodies, vocals inviting and inciting to rise awareness that definitely ’ we are not alone’. This track 02 on the EP had a very special feature vocal collaboration of Alex’s four years old daughter Melody. Let s dance do the talk and the music rock!

Track List:

01. Top Secret

02. We Are Not Alone

Label: Atoms Records


Release Date:

Exclusive Beatport: TBA- Official Release: TBA

Genre: Progressive Psychedelic Trance

Artist: PULTEC

Catalogue Number:  AT1EPD016


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